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Transfer SQL Server Database from Local to Server using Database Backup

Author:Mudassar Khan

In this article I am explaining how to take backup of the SQL Server database of your ASP.Net Website on development machine and upload the same to the live server.

For this article I am explaining for SQL Server 2005 but the concept is same for SQL Server 2000 and also SQL Server 2008


Preparing for Backup

In the Object Explorer of SQL Server 2005, right click on the database then select Tasks and within that Backup. In the figure below I have selected NorthWind Database.

Preparing for backup

Choose the database and Backup type

Though you have right clicked the appropriate database still you can change the database using the dropdown. Also you have to choose the backup type since we need to transfer the complete database we will choose Full Backup.

Choose the database and Backup type

Define Backup Set

Here you can specify the name of the Backup set and also when the backup set will expire. By default there is no expiry.

Define Backup Set

Set the location of the backup file

Here one has to choose the folder where the backup file will be created. Click on the Add button to set the path and the backup file name

Set the location of the backup file

Choose the folder path

Here by clicking on the browse button you can choose the path where you want the backup file to be created.

Choose the folder path

As you can see the Locate Database Window is opened. Here choose the folder where you want to create the backup of the database also provide a name to the backup file e.g. NorthWindDB.BAK. Backup files have a .BAK extension.

Locate Database

Verify the backup file

Once the OK button is clicked the backup file is created on the location that you have chosen. You can navigate to the folder to verify it

Verify the backup file

Restoring the Database

Generally shared hosting providers have their control panels. In the panel one should look for database section and there you will find an option to create a database using a backup file. A sample panel is shown in the figure below.

This completes the article. With this you can easily shift your database from one location to another with all the schema and data intact.

Posted: May 24 2009, 20:44 by Mudassar Khan | Comments (0) RSS comment feed |
Filed under: ASP.Net | SQL Server

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